Have you had your wheelchair damaged by Airline? Read On!!!

Firstly before you book an airline, be familiar with the policies of that particular company in regards to damage to your wheelchair. Look at policies and contact the companies regarding liability when outside the country. If it is too late and you have been unfortunate and had your wheelchair damaged, read on.

Sport-Mobility can deal with the hassles of either repairing or replacing your wheelchair if it is damaged by an Airline you have recently been travelling with. Thousands of wheelchairs are damaged every year by Airlines rendering many users facing weeks or months of hassle.

We can deal with the process for you to avoid stress and Anxiety. Everything will be sorted in-house at Sport-Mobility.

Provided you have logged a complaint with the airline at the time of damage and received a reference number we can deal with the issue for you. It could be useful if you took a contact name and email address for the airline concerned.


We will arrange for collection of the wheelchair and evaluate the damage and provide the airline with a cost of repair or replacement. They may also have a policy where they will compensate you for other reasonable expenses incurred as a result of the loss of, damage to, or delayed delivery of the wheelchair, mobility aid, or assistive device.

We can then repair the wheelchair or start the process of replacement if wheelchair is a right off.

Contact us on 02476 328515 office or 07944 280393 mobile and speak to Paul.

You can email us at paul@sport-mobility.com