Bored of your Spinergy spoke colour? We can change colour of your spokes without replacing them

spoke colours

Have you got Spinergy wheels with boring black spokes or spoke colours you do not like anymore? We can change the spoke colours on your Spinergy wheels to suit your personality or the colour scheme of your wheelchair.

An average single spoke replacement on a Spinergy wheel will cost you around £12 each which adds up to a massive cost if you wish to change colour. We can change the spoke colour for a fraction of the cost by using the existing spokes in the wheel.

We have devised a system where you can colour how many spokes you want in a selection of colours.

We can usually turn your wheels around in 24 hours depending on how many spokes you want colouring. You can have multi colours.

You will need to either drop the wheels off to us or post them to us. We can help you and get our courier to collect.

Be different at a price you can afford.